Meet Bob Massie

Bob Massie's life of service and beating long odds has forged a rare leader in American politics. A father of three and former Lieutenant Governor candidate, Bob ran to represent the people of Massachusetts in the US Senate for 2012, and to ensure that all Americans have the chance to build a better life.

Bob has built his own career – as a minister, activist, candidate and non-profit executive – around that vision. His work fighting for justice at home and abroad has given him the courage to defend our values, and overcoming the expectations of experts and pundits has given him the compassion to understand the struggles of ordinary Americans, and the drive to build a better future for all.

A life of compassion, committed to service

Bob’s journey of service started as a student at Princeton working for justice in apartheid South Africa, equality for women in Princeton's dining clubs, and safety and reform to the US health care system.  After graduating, Bob received a Masters in Divinity, and became ordained as an Episcopal minister the following year.  As a young preacher in Manhattan in the early 1980s, Bob founded a homeless shelter to serve those most in need.

Faced with a truly broken system of corporate irresponsibility, Bob became determined to better understand and harness the business community's power for advance social and environmental justice.  He earned a doctorate from Harvard Business School to better understand the corporate world and economic growth, so he could make change at home and abroad.

Combining his education and his passion for justice, Bob served as President of Ceres, the nation's largest coalition of investors and environmental groups. He co-founded the Global Reporting Initiative, the leading international standard for reporting corporate performance on energy, labor, the environment, and human rights.  The GRI has since led thousands of the world’s largest corporations to reform their worst practices and better serve their communities.

In 1994, Bob won the state-wide primary to become Massachusetts's Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee, learning about the Commonwealth and listening to the hopes of its people.  Bob remains in touch with many of the people he met on the campaign, working together on a variety of issues affecting millions of Massachusetts residents.

Overcoming the odds, now seizing the moment

Born with hemophilia, Bob has bravely faced illness since he was a boy. He knows that life is a precious opportunity — and that knowledge has driven his service and passion to help others. In 2003, Bob was badly weakened by liver disease and learned that he might not have another chance to serve.

Bob waited nearly 7 years for a liver transplant, during which time he continued  advocating for the environment and Massachusetts families.  Bob founded the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Coalition. In April, 2009 he received the Joan Bavaria Innovation and Impact Awards for Building Sustainability in Capital Markets.

When a transplant came in June of 2009, it cured his symptoms and renewed his strength and vigor. Bob is using his miraculous second chance to become a US Senator Massachusetts will be proud of – a compassionate, courageous and relentless advocate for all Americans.